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We’ve been using Web Hooks lately to try the new Microsoft ASP.NET Web Hooks implementation in action through Visual Studio. The problem with testing and debugging such a solution is that it expects a URL to connect to, and while in production or on test location it’s not a problem, testing and debugging it on […]


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As NT conference has passed, and I’m back in Split, it’s time to write a few words and put up the materials. First of all, I would like to thank the organisers, Microsoft Slovenia and Bojan and Martin who have invited me to speak on the conference. As I love speaking about all ASP.NET things, […]


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So, tomorrow I’m travelling to Ljubljana to speak on the NT conference on Thursday. As this is one of my favorite presentations to give, I’m really looking forward to speaking about Web Api 2 new ideas, tips and tricks.  If you are near, come by, we can have a coffee and talk all things tech […]


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